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Our Story  began in 1994 when pt Profesindo Reksa Indonesia (PRI) was formed as the legal entity of founder Pri Notowidigdo's executive search business.  After 25 years of corporate life,  Pri decided to start his own business in Executive Search and Business Advisory where he could be more innovative and creative in providing sustainable and value added solutions to clients.  His desire was to partner with mid-cap corporate clients who shared a common vision and similar values.  Underlying this orientation has been a strong commitment to performance, relevance, and impact to serving his clients.

Since 1994,  pt PRI's trade name has gone through a number of transformations - from TASA International to Amrop - two reputable international brands. After building the Amrop brand in Indonesia over a period of 20 years, Pri decided to go Indonesian yet still maintain global collaborations. Using the trade name of PRI for People Matters, it has leveraged off its being a member of Arghajata Alliance and Pri's extensive network personally developed and maintained over the years.  pt PRI's strategic alliances have a strong coverage in ASEAN, Japan, and Australia with relationships maintained in Canada and the United States of America.

In Indonesia,  PRI for People Matters was restructured in 2016 to bring together a few senior professionals with a common vision, shared values, global experience, and the wherewithal to contribute meaningfully to clients on a long-term basis.  PRI's client list has covered broad spectrum of clients in terms of industry, consulting engagements, and country. Our mission, as a boutique consultancy, is to be the Partner of Choice providing specialized and bespoke services for C-Suite Executive Search, Executive Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership Assessments, Leadership Development,  Human Capital Consulting, Board Advisory and Directorships.  At PRI for People Matters,  it's about performance, relevance, and impact for our clients.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to Serve Our Clients with personal attention, professionalism, respect and integrity towards helpin them keep pace in today's world of rapid and relentless change while sustaining core values.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

As a boutique consultancy with seasoned global professionals, our mission is to be the Partner of Choice for C-Suite Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership Communication and Development, Board Advisory, and Board Directorships.

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Pri Notowidigdo

Senior Managing Partner

🔹INDUSTRIES: Professional Services, Financial Services, Education, Donor Agencies, NGOs. 🔹SPECIALIZATIONS: C-Suite Executive Search, Executive Coaching, Leadership Assessment, Intercultural Effectiveness, Corporate Governance, Board Advisory and Membership. 🔹GLOBAL EXPOSURE: North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia.

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Anthony King

Senior Partner

🔹INDUSTRIES: Financial Services, Mining, Oil, Energy, Natural Rennewable Resources, Heavy Industry, and Textiles. 🔹SPECIALIZATIONS: C-Suite Executive Search, Executive Coaching, Leadership Assessment, Business Advisory & Start-ups, Organizational Transformation, Board Advisory & Membership. 🔹GLOBAL EXPOSURE: Europe, Africa, Asia.

  • 🔹Corporate Address: pt Profesindo Reksa Indonesia (PRI). Indonesia Stock Exchange, Tower 2, 17/F, Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
  • 🔹Workplace: Arghajata Alliance, Jalan Lebak Bulus 1, No. 16A, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan 12430, Indonesia